Hi there. Welcome. My name is Anmiryam.

I am a long time book junkie. I delude myself that I will someday read all the books I own. My rational side says this is impossible. My artistic side says this is the only way to live. After all, every book embodies the possibility that there is something new to discover, to hear, a future to pursue.

I write fiction which may never be finished or published, but I continue to learn from making myself do it, which makes it worthwhile,though it is the hardest thing aside from raising a child I have ever done. When not reading or writing, I lead a fiction book group at my local independent bookseller, Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr, PA, serve on the board of directors of The Bryn Mawr Film Institute, spend time with my family, knit, and wrangle three cats.

Read on to discover more about how I’m currently operating things around here and some ideas for additional features I hope will lead to overstuffed shelves for everyone.

Posting Schedule

Each Monday I TRY to post a listing of author readings and signings in the Philadelphia region for the coming week — this is very time consuming and has a limited audience. I need to find another way to manage this that works for me, but still helps get the word out about the wealth of author events in the region. In the meantime, if you have an event you would like to add to this round-up please let me know and I will try to get the word out here, on Twitter & Facebook in one form or another. I try to cast a pretty wide net, but I am far from certain that I there are no holes.

I also participate in The Broke and The Bookish sponsored ‘Top Ten on Tuesday‘ meme most weeks.

Beyond these two anchors I am also trying to post at least two additional book reviews each week and plan to post discussion pieces on book related topics I find of interest.

In the works are:

  • Small Press Sunday’s: Profiles of small publishers of literary fiction & reviews of their offerings — too much great work is under read
  • Behind & Beyond the Shelves: Articles about the state of publishing, book discovery and what it means to be a reader in today’s world

Give me a few weeks to get these new offerings on line as I am just trying to get my blog set up and operating smoothly in its new home.