I buy a lot of books — the title of this blog does not lie. Here’s the evidence:

Shelf Close Up Table of Books Shelves Across the Room









I have favorite indie stores in Bryn Mawr, PA, Islesboro, ME and South Hadley, MA and even use my local libraries.

That said, I am happy to accept review copies or galleys when offered, though I do not promise to review a given title, even if it is a title I solicit. I will acknowledge the source of my review copy though I will be honest with my opinion, regardless of where I obtain a copy.

I vastly prefer print ARCs and review copies over egalleys. I went a bit overboard on Net Galley requests and then found I am more likely to pick a book in front of me over my iPad.

I value diversity in my reading and consciously look for books that support that goal whether by authors with diverse points-of-view by virtue of being women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, disabled, or because they are stories that include perspectives that are not white, western, and well-to-do. As much as I love a good cozy village satire set in England between the wars, there’s a hell of a lot more out there for me to explore.

My reading tastes are wide. I read books in genres not listed here, but these are the areas I favor for review:

  • Literary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Memoir
  • Middle Grade Fiction (love the stuff, makes me remember what getting excited about the new worlds inside books)

I am always happy to consider books set in places I have lived including, Philadelphia/Southeastern PA, NYC (especially the Upper West Side), Maine, Minnesota and Iceland (okay, I’ve never lived in Iceland and probably never will, but it’s a favorite spot). Also, books set in bookshops.

I am unlikely to accept books that are pure romance or horror, though if elements from those genres are present, I will consider the proposal.

If you are a publisher with a title you’d like me to look at, please email me at abudner@comcast.net. I will still also use net galley and edelweiss though as I said above, I strongly prefer print. I apologize, but I won’t accept self-published titles though I make exceptions for people I know personally.